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Why is the fish important?

Why is the fish important?

 zasto je riba vazna

Most of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. Oceans, seas, lakes are enormous reservoirs of healthy food that has provided strength and vitality for generations living by the shores. Fish oil is known as a much needed substance that has saved many lives. Sadly, the importance of fresh fish in the Serbian, mainly continental, diet has almost been forgotten. Today, fish is not consumed enough except during the religious fasts, and that’s not nearly enough for a healthy diet. It’s forgotten that fresh fish is rich in amino-acids, vitamins A and D, phosphorus and high quality proteins. Fish also has high energy values and low levels of fat and cholesterol, it is easy to digest and it is very affordable. It has been neglected in spite of all these advantages. Fresh fish is mostly consumed in urban areas like Novi Sad and Belgrade. Thus, it is very important, especially in an atmosphere of fast living and stressful lifestyles, to educate people to the importance of having fish in their diet and to the difference between fresh and frozen fish.

Today we know, based upon the researches of nutritionists, that fish reduces the risk of cardio-vascular diseases. Having fish regularly in your diet can reduce levels of chronic illnesses like diabetes, and it also lowers the risk of depression or Alzheimer’s disease.
Fish has a vital role in improving your mental activities and it also improves memory. It’s good to know that seafood was considered to be an aphrodisiac in Ancient Greece, because Aphrodite, the goddess of love was born from sea foam. Oceans and seas are the cradle of the entire life on Earth, and they are the richest and most unexplored part, too.
Fish is a vital element of a long-term healthy diet. It keeps people vital in their old age. We could conclude that there is some truth in the ancient Greek myth of the aphrodisiac qualities of seafood.