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    Fish is a treasury of health!

About us

Ancora Company Ltd. is engaged in the import and distribution of fresh and frozen fish, seafood and different fish delicacies. The company began operations in 2014 and has 25 employees. Quality fish is imported from various parts of Europe and the world bearing in mind the quality and range of services offered to our consumers in Serbia that have the highest quality fish and seafood products. In order to achieve the best possible quality, fresh fish is transported by plane from Spain and Morocco or by trucks from Italy, Greece and Norway, and frozen fish is transported in frigo containers from all over the world.

Ancora Nuova is exclusive distributor of smoked salmon, smoked tuna, salmon pate, fish salads and other high quality products Squadra Brend. Ancora Nuova is the exclusive distributor of salmon Norwegian producer Marine Harvest for the territory of Serbia.

Ancora is the exclusive distributor of Nuova, the biggest producer of sea bream and sea bass in the world Greek companies NIREUS.Wild sea fish, such as San Piero, Dentex, which is increasingly in demand due to a healthy diet Ancora Nuova imports from Alpha South  from Morocco.

To ensure that the end product that reaches our customers in a quality within our business includes the process of logistics and distribution.

Quality, price, safety and speed in the delivery of the goods are the main principles of our business, and innovation and constant investment in professional staff and distribution network, we become increasingly closer to achieving our vision – to become a regional leader in the production of healthy and delicious meals for our loyal consumers.